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Sell Your Aircraft

in Upland, CA

You probably bought an airplane partly to have a feeling of freedom, and we’re here to help that continue. Foothill Aircraft offers aircraft owners a partnership. Essentially, when you supply the plane, we provide the buyers.

We will guide you through the sale process, allowing us to deal with marketplace analytics, aircraft evaluations, and fielding calls. If you desire it, we can also coordinate buyer visits.

Regarding pricing, we can market your aircraft according to your wishes. Let us know if your priority is getting the right price or selling quickly. We can even negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

Aircraft Consignment Services Near Ontario Airport

Foothill Aircraft is committed to providing airplane owners with a stress-free experience. Our experienced staff offers owners the easiest way to sell their planes. We will take over the most challenging aspects of selling an aircraft and allow you to sit back and relax.

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Our services include:

  • Analyzing the aircraft marketplace
  • Promoting it on our website and other aircraft sales websites
  • Coordinating showings
  • Providing continuous sales updates
  • Helping in the negotiation process
  • Pre-purchase evaluation representation
  • Aiding with contracts, closing, and delivery

Before a sale, if your plane needs any work, our FAA-certified repair station offers aircraft maintenance, inspections, repairs, factory parts, warranty work, and more.

Sometimes, owners sell aircraft while looking for an upgrade. If you’re interested not only in selling but also in purchasing a new plane, you can browse our sales lot to see your available options. You can learn more about this on our Aircraft for Sale page.

What to Consider Before Selling Your Aircraft

Once you’ve decided to sell your aircraft, preparing yourself for the journey ahead is important, just like a pilot does with a preflight checklist.

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Name on the Registration Certificate

Before you can embark on selling your aircraft, ensure that your name is on the registration certificate. You can only proceed once that is in hand.

 Airworthiness Certification

Remember to have the plane’s airworthiness certification on hand so prospective buyers can see that the aircraft is in good condition for flight.

Be Honest & Transparent About Issues

It is essential to be transparent throughout the selling process, especially when disclosing any issues. Often, it is beneficial for all parties involved if problems are dealt with before prospective buyers look at the aircraft. At Foothill Aircraft, we have qualified maintenance technicians ready to fix various issues and get your plane ready and in sellable condition.

Set Reasonable Expectations for Asking Price

Figure out your priorities and goals regarding the sale of your aircraft. If your main priority is to sell the plane as soon as possible, what’s the minimum price you’d be happy to receive? On the other hand, if your focus is getting the highest price offer, how long are you willing to spend on the selling process?

Additionally, when deciding your asking price, you’ll want to factor in the demand for your aircraft model. This way, you better understand what price ranges are realistic.

Finalizing Your Aircraft Sale

Once you have an interested buyer and are nearing the final stages of your aircraft sale, you’ll need to land the plane of the sale, so to speak, to ensure a smooth transition between yourself and the new owner.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

Let your insurance provider know that you have sold your aircraft. This will ensure that you are no longer held responsible for the aircraft and any future damages.

Complete Bill of Sale and Prepare for Aircraft Transfer of Ownership

After you complete the bill of sale with the new owner, remove your original aircraft registration certificate before you hand over your keys to the new owner. It’s also good to have maintenance logbooks and records ready to hand off to the new owner so they can continue to keep the aircraft in top condition.

We Have the Buyers and the Experience

Foothill Aircraft has the experience you want on your side. We’ll connect you to the network you need to sell your airplane. Having a vast network of clients can sell your aircraft quickly, and if we can’t find a buyer, we might buy it ourselves!

Learn More About Selling Your Airplane

If you want to sell your plane in Southern California, call Foothill Aircraft today at (909) 985-1977. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and are standing by to hear from you.