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Since 1962, Foothill Aircraft Sales & Service has been located at Cable Airport (KCCB) in sunny Southern California. Cable Airport is the world's largest privately owned public use airport and offers the best flying conditions on the West Coast! As an FAA Certified Repair Station, Foothill Aircraft Sales & Service can provide you with all of your general aviation maintenance needs. In addition to our repair station we are also an authorized service center for Cirrus, Cessna, and Mooney.

We provide the finest in aircraft service and offer a large in-stock supply of factory parts. We understand the importance of flying and our customers aircraft thus it will always be our goal to get your back in the air, with the highest standards of workmanship.

Aircraft Tips
  • Aircraft are meant to be flown and problems can quickly arise when the airplane has been sitting for long periods of time.

    If your plane has been sitting for any period of time it is wise to do a deep cleaning, inspection, and preventive maintenance check.
  • Inactivity in aircraft causes maintenance costs to go up. The primary reason for this is twofold.

    First, inactivity increases the likelihood of engine rust. Second, gaskets and seals dry up and are more likely to need replaced.

    If you know your airplane will sit for a long period of time you should talk to your local shop about how you can best protect your engine.
  • Thoroughly wash the outside of the aircraft, removing any bugs, tar, and oil by using an aluminum-safe cleaner such as Extreme Simple-Green (regular Simple Green is corrosive to aluminum).

    Follow the wash by protecting the paint with a high quality wax or polymer sealant.
  • Clean Plexiglas using lots of water and your bare hand.

    This will allow you to remove all debris without rubbing them into the glass and creating new scratches.

    Finish the cleaning by using an aircraft-specific Plexiglas polish.
  • If you want the underside of your cowling to look fresh, a little bit of 100LL, a rag, and gloves will go a long way.

    Wipe down all surfaces you can reach to remove any built-up gunk and oil.

    Never spray a hose inside your cowling.
  • Trace every system of the aircraft looking for leaks, mechanical issues, and corrosion.

    Look for signs of blue staining around all fuel hoses, injectors, etc.

    Check the drains on the fuel pumps and the distribution spider on fuel injected engines.
  • Check your control system for signs of wear by gently running a soft cloth over the control cables, especially near where they pass over pulleys.

    If the rag snags on strands then you need to have your mechanic examine the cables closer to be sure they are safe and within legal limits.
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